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Joe Harvey

Web Developer


Joe joined us in February 2012 having studied and worked in Bristol, which is well known for being a creative and 'new media' city. Joe graduated from University of the West of England in 2010 with a first class honours degree in Web Design. Since graduating he has been working as a web developer for companies such as Lloyds Banking Group and Renault.

His role at E-scape is varied but at its core sits SilverStripe development. Joe has developed simple 'information' based sites, along with fully blown online booking systems and everything in between. Constant learning and progression are a welcomed part of Joe's role and delivering well considered, easy to use and scalable solutions to the client is what keeps him motivated.


In his spare time Joe likes to give his time to his charity of choice, Jersey Hospice Care.

Joe Says

"Delivering an optimal solution which is also highly scalable is a real motivator for me, I see it as a challenge. My hope is that this approach benefits our client projects because it’s really important to me that the end result of any project is a well designed system which can easily be added to when new features are required. This leads to a happy client and lets face it everyone wants their work to be well received and put to good use!"